Ethiopian Firm Now Manufacturing Railcars For Local Railways

Ethiopian Firm Now Manufacturing Railcars For Local Railways
Ethiopian made railcars

AFRICANGLOBE – Ethiopia’s Metals and Engineering Corporation (METEC) announced that it has started production of railcars aiming to substitute them locally.

The locomotive industry under the corporation has commenced the manufacturing of the railcars after finalizing the design and the prototype, said Major Nigusu Solomon, head of the locomotive industry.

The trial of the prototype lasted for four years, he said.

The plan of the industry is to substitute railcars the nation would import to operate on the railway lines the nation has been building to connect with neighboring countries, he added

As the country is building cross-country railway lines that link it with neighboring countries, importing railcars is unavoidable.

It is the plan of the corporation to produce the cars locally and help the nation the foreign currency it would spend on them.

By locally manufacturing the railcars, the nation will save foreign currency, create link among small and medium industries, and create more jobs.

He said the trains are designed to travel 160 km per hour and transport up to 1,300 persons.

In order to meet the demand for railcars, the corporation is working to construct another locomotive manufacturing industry in Dire Dawa, the Eastern part of the country.

Construction of the plant which will be erected on 70 hectares land will be launched within two months, he said.


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