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Ethiopia’s Gilgel Gibe III Near Completion – To Go Operational In 2014


Ethiopia's Gilgel Gibe III
Ethiopia’s Gilgel Gibe III

AFRICANGLOBE – One of the biggest power generating projects in Ethiopia, the Gilgel Gibe III, is expected to go fully operational on September 2014.

Alemayehu Tegenu, Ethiopia’s Minister of Water, Irrigation and Energy said that so far 80% of construction work has been completed.

One of the power projects planned to be commissioned within the GTP period, the Gilgel Gibe III will add 1,870 MW electric power to Ethiopia’s national grid upon its completion in September.

The Minister also said that concurrent projects like the Genale Dam and the Adama II wind farm are progressing satisfactorily. Projects such as the Gilgel Gibe III project are expected to go a long way in providing energy for the domestic market, the demand of which has been expanding rapidly owing to the extensive infrastructure construction and increasing base of industry.

However, power projects currently under construction are also expected to service the regional energy market. Ethiopia has already begun exporting electricity to Djibouti and Sudan and has started installing power transmission lines to Kenya.

The energy policy of Ethiopia pictures development of energy sources that would be an instrument in enhancing co-operation and regional integration. Ethiopia’s ambitious plan of generating 10,000 MW of energy within the GTP period was crafted, accordingly, with plans to provide energy to neighboring countries.

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