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Ethiopia’s Largest Railway Station Nearing Completion


Ethiopia's Largest Railway Station Nearing Completion
The soon to be completed Lebu Railway Station

AFRICANGLOBE – The Lebu Railway Station in Addis Ababa will finally be completed this week. The station will serve as the main railway station for the up and coming nationwide railway line linking the capital to other parts of the country. Constructed by the Chinese giant, China Railway Engineering Corporation (CREC), the station is the biggest in Addis and will connect all railway lines stretching across the country.

The architectural style of the Lebu station, located in the south eastern outskirts of Addis, displays the cultural heritage of the Oromo people and has three floors, each endowed with space of 8,308 square meters. According to the CREC, the station can host 2,000 persons at a time.

The company, also constructing the Sebeta-Mieso line, said that the railway hub is almost the same size as the station under construction in Adama (Nazareth), which is 80 percent complete. On Friday Zhang Zongyan, CEO of CREC visited the railway project in Adama, according the company’s officials. The company is very active in Ethiopia, and has completed the first ever Addis Ababa Light Rail Transit (AALRT) and has also completed parts of the Sebeta (Addis Ababa)-Mieso-Dire Dawa-Dewelle line.

The Sebta-Adama-Mieso railway is the very first section of Line I of the Ethiopian National Railway Network Project Phase I. The contract is valued at USD 1.841 billion, to be completed in a construction period of 42 months.

Ethiopia's Largest Railway Station Nearing Completion
Ethiopia is spending billions on new infrastructure projects

The national project, located on the central plateau of Ethiopia, starts from Sebeta, west of Addis and runs south passing Akaki, Bishouftu, Mojo and Adama; then runs east through Metehara, Awash, and Mieso, spanning 329 kms, with 115kms double-tracked on the Sebeta-Adama section.

The Adama-Mieso line is single-track section with a length of 214kms, which will allow a speed of up to 120km/h. The line is an electrified railway, with semiautomatic block systems in place.

CREC has made great advances, rising from 86th to 71st place on Fortune magazine’s Global 500, with USD 99.5 billion in sales.
China Civil Engineering Construction Corporation (CCECC) is the other Chinese company constructing the 339km Mieso-Dire Dawa-Dewelle railway project for USD 1.12 billion. The company is also undertaking the USD 525 million railway project in Djibouti that connects Ethiopia to the Djiboutian port.

Djibouti’s 92km railway, including the 12km that will link the Doraleh Multipurpose Port, Oil Terminal and Doraleh Container Terminal, is expected to be fully completed by October, 2015. The Djibouti project is expected to be operational in the beginning of the coming year if the electrification project is completed as planned

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