Ethiopia’s Ruling Party Discusses Growth Targets

Ethiopia's Finance Ministry
Ethiopia’s Finance Ministry

Ethiopia’s ruling party, Ethiopian People’s Revolutionary democratic Front (EPRDF) Tuesday called for an extraordinary session, to review the state of the economy amid indications that its growth targets may have too ambitious.

The EPRDF executive committee is expected to review the implementation of the Growth and Transformation Plan, and evaluate its performance during 2011/2012 fiscal year.

The GTP was launched a year ago as part of the county’s move to undertake mass investments in the power sector to make Ethiopia a net exporter of electricity. The investments also target agriculture and other development projects.

But although the government has admitted that the plan is “ambitious”, they hope that the GTP will haul Ethiopia into a middle income country by 2025.

The committee also wants to exploit the spirit and patriotism demonstrated by the people throughout the country following the death of Prime Minister Meles, when it discusses the party’s future and strategic realisation of the vision rolled out for the party and the government by the late premier.

The acting Prime Minister, Hailemariam Desalegn is still to be sworn in, with the ceremony expected to take place later this week.