U.S. Firm Launches New Mobile Phone Handset in Kenya

A U.S. mobile phone handset brand has been launched in Kenya, showing the high growth potential of the market.

On Friday, the American company — manufacturers of Zedd Mobile brand — made its first formal announcements of plans to set up shop in Kenya.

According to Mr Karl Mutombo, the company’s vice president, they have opted for a distributorship model to compete in the market.

“We felt it was right to use established distributors since they already know the market, as opposed to coming in ourselves,” Mr Mutombo said.

The company is based in the United States but is keen on growing its market presence in Africa. It originally rolled out its handsets in West Africa and is now moving into East Africa.

As part of its strategy, the company is targeting the low-end market. However Mr Mutombo said they would be having high-end handsets too.

Zedd Mobile sets are the latest to enter the market, which has an estimated 20 million subscribers in Kenya.

In May, another company Techmo launched its dual Sim handset in the market.

Additionally, market leader Nokia launched a new range of phones earlier this week to take advantage of the huge low-end market in Kenya.