Foreclosure Cleaning Business Owners: How to Market Your Biz

Foreclosure Cleaning Business Owners: How to Market Your Biz

Cleaning foreclosures is a hot business opportunity right now. And, many are jumping on this booming niche. But, no matter how hot an opportunity is, if you don’t know how to market, you will never be successful as a business owner.

Following are two ways those who own this type of business can get the word out — and get the phone ringing.

2 Marketing Tips for Foreclosure Cleanup Business Owners That Get the Phone Ringing

Get a Website: A website is a must these days. You absolutely, positively must have one to be taken seriously, especially in this kind of business. Why? For two major reasons:

Your Customers Are Online: One of the main groups foreclosure cleaning business owners target are realtors. And, realtors are online. They’re online because their customers (home buyers and sellers) are online. Recent statistics estimate that over 80% of home buyers start their search online. So of course realtors are online.

Not having a website these days is like not having a fax machine 10 years ago, or a cell phone five years ago. Everyone expects serious businesses to have at least a basic web presence. And, having a website makes it easy to market because it works for you 24/7, which brings us to our next point. . .

It Sells for You 24 Hours a Day: A website is a selling machine. When realtors, bankers, investors and others are surfing the web looking for the types of services your foreclosure cleaning company provides, they will have it right there in front of them.

They don’t have to call to ask what kinds of services you provide and how to set up an appointment for an estimate. If you’re done your website right, all that info will be right on your site. That way, when prospects call you, you’re already half way to having them hire you.

Email Marketing: Practically every realtor and loan officer – two of your hottest marketing niches as a foreclosure cleaning business owner — has a website.

From this, you can find contact information. What will you do with it? Why, send out marketing emails to introduce your foreclosure cleaning company and its services.

This is a free, easy way of marketing that can really get the phone ringing — if you know how to do it, and do it consistently.

These are two highly successful ways to market your foreclosure cleaning business to get the phone ringing. Employ them consistently and watch your business grow.

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