Ghana Government Orders Illegal Chinese Miners to Leave

Illegal Chinese Miners
Illegal Chinese miners have been plaguing parts of Ghana and threatening residents

AFRICANGLOBE – Ghana’s Minister for Lands and Natural Resources, Alhaji Inusah Fuseini, has warned that the Special Inter-Ministerial Taskforce constituted by the President would wage a relentless and uncompromising war to bring closure to the menace of illegal Chinese miners in Ghana.

He, therefore, cautioned all illegal operators and foreign nationals, particularly illegal Chinese miners, to leave all mining sites with all their equipment before the taskforce strikes, stressing that “all culprits will be prosecuted; all mining infrastructure destroyed, and all foreign miners will be deported”

“We will adhere strictly to the President’s directive to subject all suspects apprehended by the Inter-Ministerial Taskforce to the full rigours of the law, to inject into sanity into the small scaling mining sector,” Alhaji Fuseini stated.

Alhaji Fuseini, who is also Chairman of the Taskforce, gave the warning when the Inter-Ministerial Taskforce met a 12-member Chinese delegation from the Guangxi Province, source area of illegal Chinese miners operating in Ghana.

Led by Mr. Song Hai Jun, Deputy Director-General, Guangxi Foreign Affairs Office, the Chinese visited the country to discuss possible strategies to stem the influx of illegal Chinese miners with officials of the Ghana government.

The Inter-Ministerial Taskforce’s interaction with the Chinese delegation followed its maiden meeting, where strategies for the Taskforce’s operations were planned.

It was attended by the Ministers for Foreign Affairs & Regional Integration, Defence, Environment, Science & Technology, Chief Executive Officer of the Minerals Commission and Director General of the Ghana Immigration Service.

As a country governed by the rule of law, Alhaji Fuseini emphasised that the government of Ghana was determined to enforce its laws, particularly, the Minerals and Mining Act 703, to ensure the sustainable management of the nation’s natural resources for current and succeeding generations.

“All foreign residents, and non-Ghanaians alike, are bound by the laws of the country, and so no foreign national should engage in any illegitimate businesses that have the potential to strain Ghana’s relations with its international allies,” said the Lands and Natural Resources Minister.

He impressed on Chinese nationals interested in investing in the mining sector to acquaint themselves with the relevant provisions of Ghana’s mining laws, which has now been translated into Chinese language and posted onto the website of Ghana’s Mission in China, and secure genuine Ghanaian visas from that Mission, prior to their travel to Ghana.

Mr. Song Hai Jun, on his part, said: “We respect the determination of the government of Ghana to enforce its laws, but I will request you to put appropriate measures in place to halt robber attacks on Chinese miners, and the deportation of Chinese arrested for illegal mining,” said the Director-General of the Guangxi Foreign Office.


By: Masahudu Ankiilu Kunateh 


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