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Ghanaian Mobile Invention Honoured by White House


Ashifi Gogo Mobile Innovation
Ashifi Gogo, Ghanaian  mobile Innovator

AFRICANGLOBE – Ghanaian innovator Ashifi Gogo will be honoured by the White House Office of Communications in the United States as one of eleven selected Immigrant Innovator Champions of Change.

Gogo’s mobile technology creation Sproxil is geared to expose counterfeit goods.
HumanIPO reported earlier this month on Buycott, an app which reveals the lineage of a product to ensure awareness while shopping.

The Champions of Change programme aims to acknowledge American individuals, businesses and organisations who contribute exceptionally to the empowerment and inspiration of the community.

Based in five countries, Sproxil received the Patents for Humanity award from the US Department of Commerce in April this year.

Zinduka Initiative, a collaborative project with East African Cables to protect electric cables, has been launched by Sproxil in Kenya.
Furthermore the company has also won the George DiDomizio Industry Award for its work in Nigeria with its mobile-based anti-counterfeit program and holds a partnership with network operator Airtelfor fake drug eradication.


By: Nanine Steenkamp

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