IBM Taps Into South Africa’s Tech Entrepreneurs


For the first time, global technology giant IBM will hold its Global Entrepreneur Programme in tech-budding South Africa, according to a statement by the company.

Developer relations lead for IBM South Africa, Clayton Booysen, said the “Global Entrepreneur Programme is focused on helping early-stage entrepreneurs to capture emerging business opportunities, especially in fast-growing industries such as energy, utilities, healthcare and telecommunications.”

The programme is an invitation to start-ups that have been in operation for not more than five years in the business of software development. The start-ups would be facilitated and also used to provide the latest technological solutions to the organizer’s clients.

Booysen said: “We want to help these start-ups to get to market faster and at the same time, provide IBM clients with the hottest new technologies.”

SmartCamps, an initiative of IBM, will also hold in October as part of the Global Entrepreneur Programme in South Africa.

SmartCamps provide mentorship, resources and networks to young entrepreneurs, connecting them with investment firms, serial entrepreneurs, marketing, communications academics, and technology experts to help accelerate their growth.

IBM’s Global Entrepreneur Programme holds in 10 countries – including Brazil, China, Mexico, Spain and Germany.