Infrastructural Development Pushes Zambia to International Heights

THE country-wide infrastructure development and other successful national initiatives have pushed Zambia to a higher level on the global map as the Government has remained steadfast in improving the economic landscape.

The fast and steady rate at which the Government is implementing development projects has caused panic in the opposition parties, particularly the Patriotic Front, which is now desperately trying to punch holes in well-meaning initiatives.

It is clear that the Government’s strategy to roll out development at an unprecedented pace is a well-thought-out one.

Contracts are being given transparently to credible firms with a history of high levels of integrity and work ethic.

The effective resource mobilisation has left arm-chair critics of Government astounded because they did not expect a steady inflow of resources at this particular time.

However, to keen followers of Government programmes, there is no magic or underhand method in raising sufficient resources to finance road infrastructure development and other programmes.

In fact, the details which Finance Minister Situmbeko Musokotwane gave yesterday are the same ones he shared with the nation last year.

The minister had announced the Government’s resolve to raise about US$500 million through the sale of bonds on the capital market.

Dr Musokotwane had also announced in a ministerial statement last year that the Government had concluded negotiations with the mining firms on the payment of tax arrears, arising from the disputed tax regime – Windfall tax.

It is no secret, therefore, that more than K800 billion was realised and the Government saw it fit to finance infrastructure development.

The resilience with which the Government is carrying out major projects should not confuse anyone who has kept pace with consistent policies.

The Government policy documents on development are in the public domain. What then is confusing the critics?