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Iranian Companies Are Taking Over Mogadishu Port


Iranian Companies Are Taking Over Mogadishu Port
The port of Mogadishu is strategically located near one of the world’s busiest shipping lanes

AFRICANGLOBE – As the UN, US, EU sanctions continue to bite the Iranian government; its subsidiary companies are now playing the smart role to explore in new business opportunities in Africa. These companies are mainly operating in the Middle East.

Recently, Simatech Shipping LLC, which operates feeder services between Dubai and Bandar Abas port, has entered a contract agreement with Mogadishu Port Authority. They operate under the name of Mogadishu Port Container Terminal (MPCT).

Simatech has leased a container terminal inside Mogadishu port and now they are trying to convince port management to exclusively takeover the stevedoring activities of the entire port. Even though, most of the shipping companies are opposed their proposal. In corporation with powerful former ministers, they are now expanding their activities in Kenya in order to obtain a United Nations contracts with different names.

Recently, they have formed Liberty Shipping Ltd, which is a sister company for Simatech Shipping LLC. Liberty will mainly focus feeder services from Mombasa to Mogadishu container shipment. This will jeopardize the new Somali government’s efforts to engage the international communities and the UN Agencies.

We must prevent the Iranian Revolutionary Guard from operating inside Somalia. They are a powerful organ which has been created to encounter American pressure and international sanctions, which are intended to persuade Tehran to abandon alleged plans to develop nuclear weapons.

It is the full responsibility of the new Somalian government to safeguard the interest of the Somalian people and avoid isolations from the international community.


By: Maalik Eng

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