Kenya: Five Major Projects On Offer

Nairobi, Kenya

The government of Kenya is inviting investment in five projects in energy, transportation, agriculture and construction sectors.

The projects are critical in the realisation of ambitious goals and aspirations, which are contained in Vision 2030. Vision 2030 is Kenya’s economic blue print, which aims to transform the country into a newly industrializing, middle-income country by 2030.

1. High Grand Falls Multipurpose Dam

Sponsor: Tana River Development Authority (TARDA)/ministry of regional development

Summary: TARDA is seeking financing to upgrade the High Grand Falls with a catchment area extending to 100,000 square kilometres. The project will boost agriculture, power generation (from the current 453MW to 800MW), drinking water supply to a population of 15 million, and help manage flooding.

2. Fertiliser plant

Sponsor: Ministry of agriculture

Summary: Kenya is seeking investors to establish a factory that will manufacture and/or blend fertiliser. The project aims to reduce fertiliser costs through local production. East African countries import fertiliser because there is no production plant in the region. The project would therefore have a market in EAC and COMESA trading blocs. The proposed location for the plant is Nakuru and Mombasa. There is also potential in the following areas:

  • Establishment of a bio-fertiliser plant in western to utilise bagasse and waste from timber industries.
  • Production of nitrogen fixing microorganisms such as Rhizobium, which would be used in leguminous plants to increase crop yields.

3. Standard Gauge Rail

Sponsor: Ministry of transport

Location: Mombasa – Malaba corridor

Summary: The Kenyan government is inviting partners to develop the Standard Gauge Rail linking the Port of Mombasa with the capital city, Nairobi, and hinterland of Uganda, Rwanda, Burundi and eastern Democratic Republic of Congo. The upgrade would improve transportation of goods from the Port of Mombasa to the hinterland.

4. Convention/conference centres

Sponsor: Ministry of tourism

Location: Mombasa, Nairobi and Kisumu

Summary: Kenya plans to build ultra-modern convention/conference complexes in Mombasa, Kisumu and Nairobi cities, which would host major local and international conferences. The proposed projects aim to capitalise on the increasing demand for conference, convention and exhibitions facilities. Some of the factors that make the demand for conference facilities high and therefore attractive for investment are; Kenya hosts two major UN organisations – United Nations Environment

Programme and United Nations Habitat, Nairobi is the regional hub for business and financial services, and the strategic location of Kisumu City in the East African Community region. Currently, only one large international conference centre (Kenyatta International Conference Centre in Nairobi) with a capacity for 2,000 delegates exists.

For further information on investment opportunities in Kenya contact the Kenya Investment Authority.