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The Keys To Black Success: Start By Supporting Other Black Businesses


The Keys To Black Success: Start By Supporting Other Black Businesses
Black people are the only group of people that allow outsiders to control their economy

AFRICANGLOBE – Instead of building the wealth in our community and educating our children we focus on racist acts that happen in cities we never heard of and the pain just gets deeper and deeper.

There is so much good that can happen if we shift our focus and change our mindset away from the “victim” mentality. Don’t get me wrong, there are victims out there; the fact is we are all not victims. Misery loves company and everyone wants to feel sorry or be sorry. Let’s make a change by being the example that we want the world to show.

We know racism exist. We also know that America isn’t the land of enchantment with Care Bears running around. That’s a problem. What’s the solution? For every problem there is one.

My solution is to control our family’s future and community by focusing on the wealth, education and political structure. If the African American communities got closed off so no one could enter and exit we would starve and have no employment, no food, no clothing, and so on.

The lack of ownership in our communities is at an all time low. Consumerism has corporations putting large shopping centers in the communities all throughout my native Los Angeles.

Corporations own us. It’s like being new slaves.

Corporate philosophy is “work for me and buy from me.” Vicious cycle.

Believe it or not there are people who plan wealth for the next five generations while we are having car washes and gofundme’s for our losses. There is no transfer of Wealth and without that inheritance, the others will always be ahead. Wealth generates wealth, while the poor get poorer. It is just the honest truth.

I had a friend tell me one day that I may scare people off because of my appearance and persona of a “strong Black man.” That White people may not approve of me. I assume because he is lighter in complexion that he felt as if he would have more approval. You know how the “House ones” can be sometimes.

I told him I would rather starve than sacrifice my manhood for approval. I’m not going to act a certain way or speak a certain way to get acceptance. I’m Black. I’m from Los Angeles and that doesn’t mean that I can’t be respected as a man. If a man acts out of the ordinary, just to get accepted, then he is a coward and an ungodly man for going against his nature to please another man.

Little did that person know people from all walks of life admire me for being a strong-willed man. What man is there on this Earth that is admired or has ever been admired for being weak and not having any manhood? It’s okay to be yourself and still do what you want to do if you have the knowledge and drive.

One man cannot do it alone. We need unity more than ever. The Dollar goes in the hands of 7 to 10 Jewish people in their communities before it goes outside of it. That is because there is unity and support; we lack these vital ingredients.

We can make each other very wealthy if we create and support our businesses. I am not talking an MLM network marketing business; I mean a real business.

I drive miles away from my home passing up many restaurants just to give my brother my hard earned money. I do not do it just because he is Black; the food is also delicious.

I cringe when people cry about not receiving support; if you have a product that is great people will support you no matter what.

I never saw Steve Jobs ask anyone for support to buy the iphone. He created value and the support came.


By: Sherman Perryman

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