Kings Of Delivery – Modern Panel Vans

Kings Of Delivery – Modern Panel Vans

The modern small delivery business needs a transport solution second to none. More than merely a reliable workhorse, this vehicle needs to be an efficient helper, able to make even the big jobs look small and represent a real asset to the success of a business.

The safe and timely transportation of cargo is of paramount importance to any small delivery business. More so, these vehicles need to be economically efficient given all the time they spend on the road.

Today’s panel van is all of these things and more. Nimble, street-smart and efficient; this is a panel van built to offer the kind of transportation utility long desired by the delivery industry.

Ready To Load, Ready To Go

What makes these contemporary vans the best transport solution for any small delivery business is its ability to load-up just about any type of cargo and get it anywhere it needs to go, safely and securely.

The standard current panel van is equipped with six lashing eyes, all strategically positioned for load restraint and ready to keep contents safe and secure throughout their journey. Should the van need to brake abruptly, a mesh partition, which comes as standard in these vans, ensures loads stay where they belong and pose no risk to the driver.

Deliveries are easier to load with the latest panel van’s generous load compartment and the widest sliding door in its class when compared to traditional vans. Able to accommodate large volumes, these vans have an exceptional payload rating and impressive towing capability.

Built for the Long Haul

Small delivery businesses need the kind of transportation solutions that can deal with constant road use. These businesses need a vehicle which is prepared for any road hazard and is able to significantly cut down on running costs. The contemporary panel van delivers on all fronts.

Designed and built to save money for the small delivery business owner, these panel vans are able to boast significantly lower fuel consumption. This lower fuel consumption produces less carbon emissions and offers unbeatable reliability largely due to innovations in highly efficient common rail technology.

Uncompromised Safety

The progressive safety features of the contemporary panel van ensure that driver and cargo are as safe as possible.

Essential features such as the Electronic Stabilisation Programme, Anti-lock Brake System and Traction Control are all represented. Add to this an Electronic Differential Lock, Engine Drag Torque Control, 3-point automatic seatbelts and daytime running lights. Safety is never compromised when it comes to these modern movers.

The current panel van is the all-purpose transport solution for any small delivery business. Able to deal with any load, safely and securely while efficiently and reliably getting to where it needs to be, these panel vans are kings of delivery.

Volkswagen Commercial Vehicles are renowned for their strength and reliability in the South African market. The Volkswagen Caddy Panel Van is the number one transport solution for any small delivery business looking for safety, utility and reliability.