Machine Tool Supplier in South Africa

Machine Tool Supplier in South Africa

Most people relate machine tools to the automobile manufacturing industry and they are correct. The engine of a vehicle uses several different machine tools to bore holes, stamp designs and produce well-defined metal pieces that cannot be done manually. However, there are other applications that machine tools are used for in different industries. Any type of industry that requires the designing of metal to create their product relies on machine tools.

Examples of these machine tools are broaching machines, drill presses, screw machines, saws, grinding machines and milling machines. Creating these types of machine tools takes a specialized field in engineering and design, a rare expertise held by a handful of companies around the world.

There are many countries around the world that make machine tools but recently South Africa has pulled away from the rest. There are several countries around the world attempting to compete such as the Netherlands, Japan, and even Germany. The United States has also tried to enter the field but due to lack of credibility and overabundance of red tape in the manufacturing industry is unable to mount any kind of competition. One of the reasons that South Africa has been so successful in their endeavors is that the country is blessed with tremendous natural resources such as iron ore.

It is no wonder that South Africa is one of the leading countries in machine tools as they are a leader in producing millions of tons of steel on an annual basis. Steel is their business and machine tools make a good match. The manufacture of heavy machinery has also been a field where South Africa has reined supreme since 1934 when South African Iron and Steel Corporation (Iscor) first began producing iron and steel.

Fabricating and shaping parts to use in structural goods, the engineering industry and transport equipment and machinery is an important part in world business. Almost anything that you can think of that uses steel relies on machine tools to make designs, cuts and grinding for their needs.

Vehicle components were first made for the Ford motor company in the 1960’s in Port Elizabeth. They showed so much success in their ability to make parts that local government officials saw fit to keep locally manufactured components at home and began to invest heavily in their own manufacturing capacity. Since then the development of machine tools and products made with cnc machine tools has grown immensely which has resulted in South Africa becoming the worlds leading industrial related metal producer. The produce tools and industrial equipment for many countries around the world.

CML Machine Tools is one such company that can design the most intricate of CNC systems for steel and metal. South Africa has followed the proliferation of CNC since its inception and has gained experience in the advancement as the parametric programming has evolved into what it is today. Machine tools are indeed, big business and South Africa is well on its way to being the worldwide leader in everything from steel manufacturing to automobile manufacturing by creating their own machine tools that are necessary to get the job done.

Luis Torres is the manager of CML Machine Tools, a Machine Tools Supplier based in South Africa. Please click on Machine Tools to get more information.