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Mapping Africa’s Growing Tech Hubs

AFRICANGLOBE – One of the benefits of working in the tech industry is that you can be pretty flexible when deciding where to choose an office. An Internet connection, a computer, a cup of coffee, and creative thinking are basically all you need. So techies yearning for the chance to see some of Sub-Saharan Africa’s best sights should pack their bags immediately.

The Cambridge-based Fab Foundation, with the help of BongoHive Tech Hub in Zambia, put together a great database of the many innovation hubs popping up across the African continent. The Fab Foundation predicts that the database, though imperfect, includes about 90 percent of the formal start-up labs in Africa.CityLab put together this map directing you to nearly 100 of them.

See some of Africa’s most electric cities and beautiful landscapes while developing the next great tech idea. You’ll notice booming cities like Lagos, Nairobi, Cape Town, and Accra boast the most innovation centers.


By: Sam Sturgis


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