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Mining Sector to Generate Two Million Jobs in Nigeria

Stakeholders in Nigeria’s mining sector said they are targeting the creation of about two million direct jobs for Nigerians.

Under the Progressive Miners Empowerment Association (PMEA), the miners said if about N200 billion is injected into the sector, it would be revived.

National President of the association, Sunday Ekozin said at a press conference to announce the first Miner Forum aimed at creating awareness, coming up in October that if the government wants to curb the activities of illegal miners in Nigeria, it must collaborate with it.

Ekozin said that objectives of the forthcoming forum is to attract investments into the sector; boost the non-oil export in Nigeria; sensitise both local and foreign investors; create mining renaissance in Nigeria and create two million direct jobs.

“We have observed that every state in Nigeria is endowed with mineral resources. Nigeria is becoming a dumping ground for imported goods and no nation can develop with importing of what it can produce,” Ekozin said.

In the 1960s, mining like agriculture boosted the economy but has been neglected.

Mining can be categorised into artisan, small, medium and large scale.

What is required to effectively involve in artisan mining is about N1 million, small mining N50 million, medium mining N200 million and large scale mining N1 billion.

Nigeria’s mining sector has strength in the areas of metallic mineral; industrial mineral and gemstone.

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