Mozambique Govt to Invest U.S$200 Million Dollars in Zambezi Valley

The valley is Mozambique's most fertile area

The publically-owned Zambezi Valley Development Agency is to invest more than 200 million US dollars in a range of projects to promote social and economic development in the region, according to the daily newspaper “Noticias”.

The projects will be implemented between now and 2014 covering the areas of agriculture, fisheries, agro-processing, agro-industry, and regional planning and infrastructure.

The projects will be funded through the state budget and national and foreign cooperation partners.

Operating in more than 35 districts in the provinces of Manica, Sofala, Zambezia and Tete, the development agency also receives financial support from the Exim Banks of China and India, the World Bank, and the governments of the Netherlands and Norway.

In Manica province the agency has already built a cotton ginning factory in Guro district, and plans to launch projects in the districts of Barue, Guro, Tambara and Macossa.

In Tete province the agency has plans for projects in Angonia, Cahora Bassa, Changara, Moatize, Mutarara, Tsangano, Zumbo and the city of Tete.

In Zambezia province projects will be located in Chinde, Mopeia, Inhassunge, Maganja da Costa, Milange, Mocuba and Morrumbala,

In Sofala province one of the projects is for the establishment of a tractor assembly unit in Murraca. Other projects will be in Caia, Chemba, Cheringoma, Gorongosa, Maringue, Marromeu and Muanza.