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Nigerian Programmers Contracted to Redesign MTV’s TagWorld


Nigerian Programmers Contracted to Redesign MTV’s TagWorld
Chidi and Chika Nwaogu

AFRICANGLOBE – Nigerian computer programmers and twin co-founders of African social network, PicRate.Me (formerly LAGbook), Chidi and Chika Nwaogu have been contracted to redesign MTV’s TagWorld from scratch.

According to one of the twin programmers (Chika) who sealed the deal last month, they will redesign the look and feel of TagWorld from scratch and will be working with GROU.PS on TagWorld as it designers.

“[we] have completed the first round of design for TagWorld. Now everything looks just the way it should, and the exciting part is that more is coming because our fingers are itching.”

Mehmet Emek, an Engineer at GROU.PS said, the firm ”look forward to new designs and updates from the brothers.”

According to Chidi, “LAGbook was developed on the GROU.PS social groupware platform, and they say that we have built extensively on their platform, showcasing the full potential of what their platform can do.”

“I guess they love what we did with LAGbook, and want us to do the same with TagWorld,” says Chidi.

TagWorld is a social network created in 2005 by American serial entrepreneurs, Freud Krueger and Evan Rifkin as a rival to MySpace, another social network. TagWorld reached a million user in 2006 and received $7.5 million in funding before MTV acquired it in 2008 as the growth of the social network continued.

In 2010, American social groupware platform, GROU.PS acquired TagWorld and its users while MTV continue to own the firm’s social media technology.


By: Oluwabusayo Sotunde

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