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Another Nigerian State Expected to Discover Oil

Nigeria is Africa's largest producer of crude oil

Niger State may soon join the league of oil producing states in Nigeria following positive indication of oil deposit at Nupe (Bida) basin.

This indication was given by a team of experts engaged by the state government in conjunction with IBB University, Lapai, to determine the extent of oil deposit in the basin.

Addressing journalists in Agaje at the weekend, the Secretary, Bida Basin Development Committee, Mr. Yabagi Sani, confirmed that the progress report on the Bida Basin hydrocarbon exploration research had been positive so far.

He stated that the result of the analysis of samples collected so far has shown high prospect in certain acreage so far explored, adding that the research on the environmental impact was also being looked into by the team from IBB University.

According to him, “The Bida Basin Hydrocarbon Exploration research is divided basically into four phases: phase one is geological mapping and sample collection, phase two is shallow core-hole drillings and sample analysis, phase three is geophysical evaluation and detailed sediment logical logging, while phase four comprises commercial packaging, business incorporation, lease acquisition and drilling for oil and gas.” Sani noted that the phase one at present has been completed, while surface geological mapping and geological prospective maps have been produced, with areas of thick sediments and geological sinks in the basin identified, where large amounts of samples were collected during the field mapping.

He said: “Samples collected during the field mapping have been sent to Getamme Geochemical Laboratory in Port Harcourt, where samples from the drilling would also be sent.

“The effort of the Niger State government is to bring the prospects of the basins to the investors that in this particular place, according to our analysis, there are oil deposits. Because in this kind of studies they are looking for five elements which they listed as soft rock, track, migration, right temperature and kitchen, which should all be there.”

The Niger State government set up a committee on the oil prospect and building of a refinery in Baro on October 15, 2011, headed by General Mohammed Inuwa Wushishi.

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