Nigerian/American Firm to Construct 1,000MW Power Plant in Nigeria

In its bid to assist Nigeria’s the federal government eradicate the irregular power supply in Nigeria, Aiba Vortex LLC, a power company based in the United States, in conjunction with some other companies, has promised to deliver 1,000 megawatts to the country.

Speaking during a press conference in New York recently, the chief executive officer of the company, Chief Aisha Audu-Emeje, disclosed that the companies involved put a formidable team together and that funding would all come out of the American system.

She said: “As a matter of fact, this company will be playing two great roles, apart from having supporting role to play with the major investors that we are bringing in.

We’ve been bidding, contesting with others to win bids though not conclusive in most cases, because the system is still trying to get itself together. Most bids were stopped. Most bids we participated in, and were awaiting answers to were stopped.

We believe that the reform is affecting everything and of course we are still in the play.”

Chief Aisha Audu-Emeje further stated that the need for power in Nigeria is enormous and will help in contributing to the daily lives of the Nigerian people, adding that there are lots of investors,

not just Nigerians, that are interested, not only in making profit from this but realising dreams that will take the country to a greater heights.

She added that power has crippled a lot of infrastructural and developmental projects that would have made Nigeria greater than most of the developing countries.

“But we are still lacking behind because the solution to seeing that things move smoothly is power. You cannot do without this,” she noted.

Aisha Audu-Emeje also made it clear that the companies are not expecting government to give them a particular edge, noting that they are only interested in participating in whatever will bring about the best solution to power in the country.

According to her: “Since the Government of Nigeria has made commitment, and some seriousness is being seen – the power reform policies, the power reform summit all over the world where investors had been called upon,

it is our duty also as a primary business company from Nigeria and being in the US to take advantage of this call and bring the dream to fruition.

It will help not only in the business sense, the relationship with our country is very important at this time.”