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Want To Get Paid For Using Facebook?


Want To Get Paid For Using Facebook?
Facebook founder mark Zuckerberg.

AFRICANGLOBE – This news could make stanch users Eager until it is functional. Well, the Daily Mail report stated that a new survey has came now from Facebook to pay for a post. The list on the survey includes a tip jar, branded content and revenue sharing, but the news source say these options could only be for verified users if implemented.

The  ‘tip jar’ suggests fans could tip you money, ‘branded content’ would earn you a profit if you post a brand you have a sponsorship arrangement with and ‘revenue sharing’ could give you a cut of the revenue generated by ads in your post.

It also asks about a ‘call to action’ button that could make it easy to ‘Buy Tickets’ and a ‘sponsor marketplace’ where users can match up with advertisers.

However it is not clear whether Facebook is considering this option. According to the DailyMail.coms reach out to Facebook in order to gain more insight about the survey a spokes person says that the company is taking feedbacks in order to create sustainable and long term monetization.

Although the spokesperson at Facebook did not give a definitive answer about the details of the survey, it could be part of a way to get more people sharing on the site again. Reports also suggest the social network’s 1.6 billion users are instead choosing to use the site to share news and links from other websites.

It is remembered that previously YouTube has also opened this option which actually makes Facebook not to be the first social site to pay users for their content.


By: Stacy Liberatore

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