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Porsche Enters Nigerian Market


Porsche Carrera GT
Porsche Carrera GT

German luxury car brand Porsche is extending its reach in Africa with a new dealership in Nigeria’s commercial capital, Lagos.

The new Porshe Carrera and 911 models were unveiled in a new showroom in the up-market Victoria Island, which boasts some of the planet’s most expensive real estate.

“The Nigerian market is in a league of its own. We see Nigerians’ spending power outstripping that of their South African counterparts,” said Michael Wagner, Africa brand manager.

The personalised cars cost upwards of $130,000 each. Porsche faces stiff competition in a luxury 4×4 market dominated by Mercedes.

Engines will be tested on the flood-prone roads and treacherous potholes of Lagos.

The 911’s web page promises a “mechanically locking rear differential” that “further enhances the traction of the driven rear wheels on uneven roads…”

With a rapidly growing middle class and booming economies Porsche is speeding up its push into Africa with dealerships planned in Luanda – Angola, Accra – Ghana, and Nairobi – Kenya.

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