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Revlon CEO ‘Believes He Can Smell Black People When They Walk Into A Room


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Revlon CEO ‘Believes He Can Smell Black People When They Walk Into A Room
Former Revlon scientist, Alan Meyers, 56, is suing the cosmetic company claiming he was unjustly fired and the company’s CEO Lorenzo Delpani made racist remarks

AFRICANGLOBE – A former Revlon employee is suing the cosmetic company claiming he was unjustly fired and the company’s CEO made racist remarks.

In a lawsuit filed Tuesday, Alan Meyers, 56, a former chief scientific officer at Revlon, claimed Revlon CEO and President Lorenzo Delpani made racist and offensive remarks against, Blacks, Jews and Americans, the New York Post reports.

Delpani allegedly said he hates living among Americans, calling Americans ‘small-minded’ and ‘dirty,’ according to the court papers. The Italian-born Delpani allegedly said he couldn’t wait to get back to a ‘real’ country.

Meyers also holds that he was discriminated against for his Jewish heritage. Meyers said that Delpani told him he was ‘shocked’  that there weren’t more Jews at the company, with Revlon’s largest shareholder being Ron Perelman, a Jewish American.

According to the suit, Delpani said that ‘Jews stick together’ and added that ‘thankfully’ Perelman ‘is not like that anymore.’

In the lawsuit, Meyers accused Delpani of making racist remarks toward Blacks upon his return from a meeting in South Africa. Delpani allegedly said he could ‘smell a Black person when he entered the room,’ according to Clutch Magazine.

He also allegedly went on an ‘anti-American’ rant in which he said the U.S. is becoming like ISIS, The Virginia Gazette reports.

Meyers is Jewish and American-born. He claims Delpani has had it out for him since he expressed concerns about safety issues surrounding Revlon’s acquisition of a Spanish beauty care company in 2013, the Gazette reports.

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Meyers claims Delpani accused him of raising ‘ghost’ safety problems at the recently acquired labs, resulting in slower production.

Meyers said he repeatedly expressed his concerns to Delpani who urged him to keep quiet so the CEO could maintain ‘plausible deniability’ of the issues.

The lawsuit says that Meyers was fired Dec. 10, after working for the company as a scientist for 4 years, when he complained about the issues and Delpani’s treatment of him, according to the Post.

Meyers spoke about an October incident, in the suit, when Delpani made the 56-year-old hold up a whiteboard for almost 30 minutes during a meeting, forcing him to act as a human easel.

The ordeal is affecting Meyers health, he says. Meyers says he is experiencing chest pains due to stress from the situation which have forced him into the hospital.

He is seeking unspecified punitive and compensatory damages, in the suit, the Post reports.

Revlon struck back, vowing to ‘aggressively fight these baseless claims and this frivolous action,’ according to the Gazette.

Company officials described Meyer’s claims as ‘meritless,’ saying the scientist demonstrated ‘critical lapses in judgement.’

The company holds that Meyers ‘failed to perform at the high standard we demand of our employees.’


By: Charlene Adams


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