Robert Kiyosaki Said Many Of The Predictions He Made In His “Poor Dad Rich Dad” Book Are Now Coming True

AFRICANGLOBE – In 1997, entrepreneur and motivational speaker Robert Kiyosaki wrote Rich Dad, Poor Dadthe number-one personal finance book of all time, according to Amazon.

In this in-depth interview with Patrick Bet-David, who told Kiyosaki that reading Rich Dad, Poor Dad after he got out of the Army completely changed the way he looked at business, Kiyosaki talks about his new book, Second Chance, which came out in January of 2015.

“The reason why it’s such a big book, is because this book summarizes why I wrote Rich Dad, Poor Dad… really, it’s the history of how we got into this financial crisis,” he said. “Simply said — we’re being ripped off as people.”

Kiyosaki says that many of the predictions he made in 1997 in his original book are now coming true nearly 20 years later. Watch the video to find out why.