Rwanda: Maintain Confidence in the Economy

Rwanda is one of Africa’s fastest growing countries

Rwanda’s impressive ranking in the latest Global Competitiveness Index (2012/2013) added another plus to the level of confidence that both foreign and domestic investors should have in the Rwandan economy.

The report, by the World Economic Forum, ranked Rwanda 63 out of 144 countries in the world, a seven-place improvement compared to last year.

In Africa, Rwanda ranked 3rd after South Africa and Mauritius and top in East Africa.

It is significant to note that the progress was as a result of dedicated efforts towards the goals outlined in the country’s Vision 2020.

The Rwandan economy has come a long way and the onus is on the managers of the economy to maintain the trend and keep the momentum.

A string of home grown solutions in the various sectors has seen the general population participate in activities that have contributed to the country’s competitiveness.

There is no country in the world that has been developed by others, therefore Rwandans must hold the bull by the horn and put in more effort in what they are doing. Activities such as the Agaciro development Fund are an example of how Rwandans from all walks of life can contribute towards expediting attaining vision 2020.

While remarkable progress has been made, there is still a lot more to do. Infrastructure development, access to water and electricity and skills development are just some of the areas that still need attention.

The continuous growth of the economy should serve as motivation to work twice as hard.