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Is Satan A Beast Banker?


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AFRICANGLOBE – Don’t believe the hype about the world’s bankers changing their ways after being exposed as modern-day pirates and thieves!

Banks and other financial operations have never stopped wheeling, dealing and stealing!

Predatory money crooks didn’t die and they didn’t disappear. They just changed their names.

For example, what’s the difference between Litton Loan Servicers and Ocwen Loan servicers? Nothing!

After being exposed as predatory forgers, robo-signers, false document pushers and kings of wrongful foreclosures Litton merely changed it’s name, for all practical purposes, from Litton to Ocwen. Basically the same people are doing the same bad things to the same mortgage customers!

Is satan a best banker? I think so!

I don’t care if you live in a capitalist, communist or socialist country, beast bankers still control and direct financial business and personal transactions.

If there is a war, a rumor of war or a dream about a war, bankers are somewhere in the mix!

Bankers, oftentimes the very same banks, are involved in most world conflicts. They give, or loan, money to nations to defend themselves but they also give money to enemy countries to buy weapons to fight and kill initial borrowers.

All governments in good graces with bankers have to do is tell bankers to “freeze” the assets of Presidents, Monarchs and leaders of uncooperative countries.

When governments are afraid to attack countries like Russia, Iran, Cuba or Venezuela the first thing they do is call for a “economic boycott”!

They want to cut off the money, stifle the trade and impoverish the people of any nation that has the gumption to disagree with the thieves that control world banks.

Banks are so powerful in international, national and local financial transactions a person like you can’t even withdraw your money when you want to.

Hard to believe? Ask someone who has five or more billion dollars in one bank to transfer those funds to another bank that is a competitor to the bank that holds their deposits.

It won’t happen at least not without months and months of delays so the home bank can continue to turn your billions over in the overnight money market and make hundreds of millions off of your deposit.

If you are Black, bank relations are worse! Bankers will “redline” your neighborhood and refuse to loan money for projects in the hood.

Black people with money in the bank can’t even dream about getting a bank loan unless they have twice as much collateral to “guarantee” payback of the money you want to borrow. Even people you think are “rich” like Oprah Winfrey will find it very difficult to borrow a billion dollars.

Yes, satan is a beast banker and revenue generating forces in Black communities like Black churches, Black labor organizations, Black social and fraternal groups and others should unite, withdraw their funds from beast banks and create their own Black-owned banks and financial institutions!

If Blacks around the world would withdraw their money from beast banks today, many beast banks would be closed and shut down tomorrow!


By: Lucius Gantt

Mr. Gantt is the author of “Beast Too: Dead Man Writing”. He can be contacted at www.allworldconsultants.net


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