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The Small Business Directory: Connecting Black Business

The Small Business Directory: Connecting Black Business
The only way to retain Black wealth is to support Black owned businesses

AFRICANGLOBE – Entrepreneurs and business professionals have a new resource that may be the key to unlocking success as well as circulation of the dollar within Black communities. The Small Black Business Directory will help small Black businesses connect easier with their customers.

The SBBD’s founder, Victoria Berry says she wanted to create a tool to showcase [all] Black-owned businesses. “Entrepreneurs are looking for growth, networking, synergy, and resources. The Small Black Business Directory is somewhere you can go, no matter where you are in the country, and be able to locate a Black-owned business you can support,” shares the 33-year-old Eastern Michigan University graduate.

The SBBD features customizable dashboards that can include photos, logos, profiles and other interactive features for each business. The nationwide directory supports commerce among the African American community; serving as the connection between consumers and the Black-owned businesses it promotes. Currently the SBBD’s mission is to achieve substantial growth in order to showcase the numerous advantages of membership.

Special events highlighting the directory and promoting entrepreneurship are popping up all across the country in markets that have seen steady increase in new and developing Black businesses. The first 100 businesses to sign up for the directory receive a special limited-time offer of free membership for life.

“Member businesses can communicate with customers in the virtual marketplace at the speed of business by responding to reviews, referrals and connecting directly with customers.”

In addition to listing businesses, The SBBD also lists career postings and events online at http://www.thesbbd.com and through the mobile app – currently available on Google Play. The SBBD app shows listings in real time and is also expected to launch on iOS devices late summer 2014.


By: AJ Williams


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