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South Africa: Black People Must Just Shut Up


South Africa: Black People Must Just Shut Up
Sandile Shezi has been attacked by the white media in South Africa for his success as a forex trader

AFRICANGLOBE – On 09 September 2015, Ahmed Areff wrote an article published by News24 titled ‘SA’s youngest self-made millionaire and R30m account mystery.’ The article is about a Black 23 year old who has made millions of rands trading forex.

This article comes after Mr Sandile Shezi, the owner of a Global Forex Institute took to media in his bid to encourage Black youth of South Africa to participate in Stock Exchange activities in order create wealth for themselves.

Just few days after his interview, ACM Gold, a company that partners with Mr Shezi became a subject of investigation by FSB (Financial Services Board of South Africa). Its operating license was suspended and could not continue taking investments from new clients. It was disclosed that major financial institutions had filed complaints after Sandile’s story was making news headlines.

The articles by Ahmed Areff states it clearly that ‘several industry players’ contacted News24 because they were suspicious of Sandile’s success story.

How can a Black 23 year old from a township become a self-made millionaire in an environment  that is ‘reserved’ for white males? Where does he get the courage to stand up and construct a positive projection and image about Black people? Does he not know that Black people of SA are destined for failure and cannot amount to anything in their ‘democratic’ government? Who the hell is this Sandile Shezi and why does he think he is better than other Black people we have destroyed before?

This is exactly the message behind Ahmed Areff’s News24 article!!!

I sat and wondered as to why does Ahmed choose such a headline and why is it that he takes offense at a R30 million trading account that is revealed by Sandile’s GFI account during free seminars offered in a bid to encourage participation in shares market?

As a trader myself,  I have been approached by many white-owned companies from across the globe seeking partnership in order to penetrate Black markets. The aim has always been to ensure that Black people are prevented from learning to trade but remain investors and their money is traded on their behalf. Each time I turn down the offer, strings of insulting messages start to come in and attempts to hack my websites and facebook are very evident.

Mr Sandile Shezi has joined a queue of many young South African who are attacked for trying to project a positive image of Black people. I am reminded of DJ Sbu who has been a subject of insults after going public about his energy drink brand. His offense was not the launch his energy drink but he was persecuted for going public about his success as a Black man. ‘Who is he to think that he can go public and encourage Black youth of SA to learn from his story?’

If this was not the case, Ahmed and News24 would have taken time and investigated the entire forex trading sector. They would have told us that more than 90% of companies offering forex investment opportunities are from outside the country. They would have written stories making headlines about millions of rands that are milked out of SA economy by these online trading firms that refuse to provide proper training so that people become advanced traders.

Mr Shezi’s crime is that he offers training to Black youth so that they enter forex market as traders and not just investors.

I am almost certain that Ahmed and his News24 are well aware that more than 23% of youth in Nigeria are successful traders and are encouraged by government to participate in their country’s stock exchange. I have come across a number of young self-made millionaires from Nigeria who are either trading forex or SEO experts and run their online content businesses.

I am not intersted in technicalities and how Sandile Shezi goes about his strategy to attract new clients. It is a business after all. My main issue is that he is now projected by media as a crook or some false prophet of his own success. The bottom line is that Sandile is a success story and has encouraged many young people to think about what they can do to create wealth for themselves rather than to wait for government handouts. Now he must be silenced and nobody will come to his defense.

I challenge all youth organizations especially the newly elected ANCYL leadership to rally around young people like Sandile. It can’t be that not a single youth organization has shown interest in his story. The truth is his destruction is not just aimed at his person more than it is about assassinating emerging character of confident and successful Black youth in South Africa.

In short, connotations here are:  ‘Black people must just shut up’.


By: Scelo Mncwango

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