South Africa, China In Talks To Build Science And Technology Park

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AFRICANGLOBE – South Africa and China are in talks for the establishment of a joint science and technology industrial park that will stimulate high-tech manufacturing industries in the former’s economy.

China’s deputy Ambassador to South Africa, Yang Yirui said the issue was discussed between China’s Science and Technology Minister Wan Gang and his South African counterpart, Derek Hanekom in February while the former attended the first meeting of BRICS (an acronym for an association of five major emerging national economies: Brazil, Russia, India, China and South Africa) science and technology ministers.

Hundreds of such parks has been built by China, including the Zhongguancun China Science Park (ZCSP) in Beijing, to provide industries in specific sectors with top-rate facilities and government concessions to foster innovations.

First established in the 1970s, Science parks serve as major drivers for education and research thereby creating a positive socio-economic impact.

The proposed park will therefore help South Africa and other African countries rebalance trade by improving their manufacturing industries.

Africa already has about 11 science parks, with five located in South Africa.

A convergence letter from global management and technology consultants Bearing Point, entitled ‘Of Science Parks and Men’, stated that science parks can help African countries develop into smart cities.

“Science and technology parks, and incubators, are institutions that are there to be able to foster economic development at a regional level,” CEO President of the International Association of Science Parks for Africa, McLean Sibanda had said last year.

By: Oluwabusayo Sotunde