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Support Black-Owned Businesses: It’s A Movement


Support Black-Owned Businesses: It's A Movement
It is definitely time to start exclusively supporting Black-owned businesses

AFRICANGLOBE – There are a plethora of Black-owned businesses here within the Tuskegee community. From restaurants to grocery stores, the Tuskegee community is making advancements into the21st Century by “Bringing the world to Tuskegee and Tuskegee to the world.”

Recently, there have been numerous movements. The “Black Out Monday” movement, where students were encouraged to participate in not supporting any business that was not Black-owned. This called for action in person and online. Also, there is the“28 Days of Black Movement” a new  Tuskegee project founded by Tuskegee students about group economics in the Black community. It was said that the Black dollar would make a huge impact if we did not spend money for a day. This event was in remembrance of Michael Brown and other slain youth.

Tiger’s  Den  and  Bizzy  B’s  are  amongst every student’s favorite place to grab affordable and tasty wings. The Famous “Coop” is a wonderful eatery for down home, soul food cooking. Tiger Pause is the city’s relaxed venue, which offers delicious smoothies and exquisite sandwiches. Tiger Pause is also known for their “Taco Tuesday” event held in partnership with Tuskegee University NAACP, the largest chapter of NAACP. The newest restuartants on the scene are G&S Restaurant, Blue Seas, and Papa Zolo’s Pizza & Yogurt.

Students, bring a lot to the city and the city offers a lot for us. Just stop and smell the roses to really see how beautiful and wonderful the city of Tuskegee really is. It is your home away from home. Let’s not only take pride in the university but in the city as well. I support Black-owned businesses. Do you?


By: Amanda Rogers


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