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How Can We Support Black Owned Businesses


Black Owned Businesses
Asians receive more support from Blacks than Black owned businesses

Stop Looking For the Cheapest Price

I think that once you accept that in some cases you may have to pay a little bit more to patronize Black owned businesses you can let go of the need to be cheap. You first need to understand that often times the reason a Non-Black business can offer you products or services cheaper than a Black owned business is because they have the support of their community and business capital.

For example the Latin and Asian business community buy in bulk together as a group, from distributors in order to get products at a lower wholesale price. If the products they buy are at a lower wholesale price they are able to offer you a lower retail price. Unfortunately Black businesses are not always able to do the same, therefore in order for them to make any profit at all their prices are often a bit higher than the competition. Get over it.

Use Your Local Black Pages!

Find Black owned businesses that offer the products and services you are looking for. In this community for over 22 years, the St. Louis Black Pages continues to distribute its 100,000 copies across the Metro area. They offer the opportunity to reach a vast majority target market, for a full year, via a single annual purchase, in a publication that is; anxiously awaited, meticulously read, extensively utilized and often collected. They are dedicated to supporting the Black business community and this will be just one of many steps we will take to do so.

www.black-pages.com , www.stlouisblackpagesblog.wordpress.com, www.thetransformationalagenda.org

Leave a Review and Recommend Black Owned Businesses to Friends and Family

When you patronize a Black owned business leave a review on the online directory you found them on or go to their website and do so. Let people know how much you liked or enjoyed their product or service. This type of support is invaluable to any small business owner.

We often are apprehensive about using a business we are unfamiliar with; leaving a review helps alleviate the fear the next consumer may have about buying with this Black owned business. Make sure you recommend that business to friends and family. We should never discount the power of “word of mouth” advertising.

Buy Black As Much As Possible

I will tell you a little story. I have very sensitive skin and often break out when using soaps and lotions. When I realized the products I was using on my skin was the reason for my breaks outs I decided to research products for Black skin types. I found Nubian Heritage, a Black owned company that made soap, lotions, and hair care products for Black people.

Yes their soaps is more expensive than Dove or Zest and their lotions costs more than Vaseline Intensive Care or Jergens but their skin care products are the best I have every used. Take the time to research companies that offer your everyday needs and buy from them as often as possible.

There are several views on why Blacks don’t support Black business and there are dozens of ways we can make the change and use our buying power in our own communities. I welcome your views and thoughts and look forward to some enlightening debates on this issue.

I leave you with this final thought.


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