Survey Reveals Africa’s Most Expensive Cities

AFRICANGLOBE – Two African cities – Luanda and Juba – are included in the top 10 of a recent ranking of the world’s most expensive cities for expatriates.

In the latest ECA International Cost of Living Survey, Angola’s capital Luanda features in third position, just behind Caracas (Venezuela) and Oslo (Norway), ranked in first and second places respectively. Luanda dropped one space from last year’s ranking.

The only other African city in the top 10 is South Sudan’s capital Juba (ninth).

To compile the ranking, ECA compared the costs of a basket of consumer goods and services commonly purchased by expats. Living costs for expats are influenced by the availability of goods, inflation and exchange rates.

This data is then used by companies to calculate the cost of living allowances for employees on foreign assignments.

According to ECA, the steep costs of importing and transporting goods into some African countries contribute to making them expensive for expats.

Other African cities featuring relatively high in the rankings are Brazzaville (12th), Libreville (14th), Pointe Noire (15th) and Kinshasa (19th). The continent’s cheapest location is Maseru in Lesotho.

Cities in countries such as Ghana, Namibia and South Africa have dropped in the global ranking due to their weak currencies, making them cheaper for employees being relocated there.

Most expensive locations in Africa for international assignees

Survey Reveals Africa’s Most Expensive Cities


By: Jaco Maritz