Tanzania: Impressive Developments in Infrastructure

Tanzania infrastructure
Tanzania is investing heavily in infrastructure

The government of Tanzania has of late started implementation of several capital intensive infrastructure development projects to boost transportation in Dar es Salaam Region and beyond.

The goal is to improve movement of goods and people in the city, which is expanding fast in terms of size, population and economic activities as reflected by the long traffic jams and building congestion. The projects include the 215bn/- bridge to link Kigamboni and other parts of Dar es Salaam, as well as building of flyovers, rapid bus network and introduction of train transport in various parts of the commercial capital.

It is impressive to note that preparations for some projects are at advanced stages and in some areas such as the city commuter train trials have already taken place. It is hoped that traffic jams that are currently choking the city will in the next few years become part of the country’s history.

The Kigamboni Bridge is among the most interesting projects. The bridge involves the construction by a Chinese company, of a one-kilometre tarred road of six lanes from Kurasini, a 680-metre cable stayed bridge and another 1.5km tarmac road that will also have six lanes. Kigamboni is famous for production of various crops, including fruit and vegetables. There is vast land suitable for cultivation of many crops throughout the year.

It is one of the fastest growing urban areas in the country with vast opportunities for economic activities like fishing, zoos, trade, tourism and hospitality industries. Schools, including institutions of higher learning are already flourishing in the area. In its long-term vision, the government is in the process of developing a dream city at Kigamboni, transforming the place, which a few decades ago was a hopeless village in the city, into the likes of Hong Kong, Miami or Johannesburg .

This can be done and accomplished within the next few decades provided all those involved are going to play their part.