Tiffany & Co Discriminates Against African-Americans

Tiffany & Co Discriminates Against African-Americans
Tiffany & Co

AFRICANGLOBE – A Texas man is suing Tiffany & Co. because he claims the retailer does not hire Blacks for top positions.

Tiffany & Co. discriminates against African-Americans by shutting them out of top positions, a Texas man says in a lawsuit filed in Manhattan Federal Court.

Michael McClure, 45, says only one of Tiffany’s 62 “group directors” nationwide is African-American: himself. No positions above him are filled by African-Americans, says the plaintiff, who claims his own job is in danger due to racism.

The jewelry retailer has nine board members, 12 executive officers and 50 vice presidents — none Black, McClure says. His lawsuit seeks better practices and unspecified money damages.

He claims he was given a poor report in March after a honcho was allegedly heard expressing surprise that “a Black man is representing the Tiffany brand.”

Tiffany said the allegations are without merit, with many mischaracterizations.


By: Daniel Beekman 


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