Time for African Economies to Grow, Says Obama

UNITED States of America President Barack Obama has said the time is ripe for African economies to grow by taking advantage of the Africa Growth and Opportunity Act (AGOA).?President Obama also said with the extension of AGOA to 2025, he was optimistic that many of the African economies would grow stronger.

In his letter to the delegates of the 10th AGOA ministerial summit in Lusaka yesterday, President Obama said owing to the job opportunities, African economies were expected to grow much stronger.?
President Obama’s letter was read to the delegates by US trade representative Ron Kirk.

“The time of change for Africa is now and African economies must experience growth,” President Obama said.?
President Obama said it was important that African countries?supported the new initiative entitled ‘Enterprise for Development: A New Policy Approach Towards Africa’ whose objective was to extend AGOA to 2025.?
He said the fact that senior members in his administration were?in attendance at the summit was evidence of the importance that he attached to AGOA.

Further, the American President said AGOA would as much as?possible find ways and means of helping African countries grow their economies. Africa, President Obama said, was a partner for America and?it would, therefore, be wrong to see the continent’s economies ?remain in the doldrums.

“I am certain that with the warm economic ties, we will soon be?hearing of news that your economies are no longer small,” President Obama said.? He said AGOA was the cornerstone for Africa’s economic growth and, therefore, asked African leaders to be fully committed to AGOA.? President Obama wished the delegates fruitful deliberations that would benefit both Americans and the people of Africa.