The Top 12 African Infrastructure Projects


12. Lagos-Calabar Railway

AFRICANGLOBE – By 2050, the United Nations forecasts that Africa’s population will blossom to 2.4 billion people. Moreover, our continent will not only be full of new souls, but the average age of our population will be much lower than the rest of the world.

This means Africa has the opportunity to benefit from a massive and dynamic workforce eager to build a new future for themselves and to make a mark on the world. Likewise, African nations are investing aggressively into a variety of mega-projects that they hope will support this growth sustainably. The following list outlines just a handful of the most promising projects currently in development.

To start, let’s look at my home country of Nigeria:

Lagos-Calabar Railway

1,400-kilometres long and at the cost of $11 billion USD, the Lagos-Calabar railway is one of Africa’s most ambitious projects. The rail project will link Lagos in the west to Calabar in the east, while also connecting the cities of Port Harcourt, Uyo, and Aba along the way. Once completed, this transportation network will significantly enhance the movement of goods and services across the region.