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The Top 6 Black-Owned Handbag Brands



AFRICANGLOBE – American women spend as much as $160 on a handbag and own an average of about 11 handbags. Ten percent of women have more than 20 bags in their closet, 20 percent spend over $200 on a handbag, 8 percent spend over $400.
Check out these Black-owned hand bag brands by both African and African-American designers:

Minku: Minku is considered the Hermes of Africa when it comes to handbags. They are all handmade and can take up to 50 hours to complete and are lined with repurposed items of Yoruba ceremonial dress. The Nigerian company was started by founder Kunmi in 2011 and is a family-run business.Top 6 Black-Owned Handbag Brands


ZAAF offers handcrafted luxury leather handbags made in Ethiopia. They are crafted with the finest materials and produced in a remote Ethiopian village. The company was founded by Abai Schulze, a remarkable CEO who is under the age of 30.Top 6 Black-Owned Handbag Brands

Gregory Sylvia

Gregory Sylvia: This designer handbag company was co-founded by Gregory and Terri “Sylvia” Pope. The husband-wife team started their company in Charlotte, North Carolina and are known for their luxury, elegant handbags crafted from fine leather.

Top 6 Black-Owned Handbag Brands

Adela Dejack

Adela Dejack: These African-inspired designer handbags are made in Kenya. Their collection of handbags, jewelry and other accessories are inspired by African shapes, textures and techniques. Designer Adèle Dejak had plenty of design experience in England and Italy before moving her company to Nairobi, Kenya in 2005.Top 6 Black-Owned Handbag Brands

Christopher Augmon

Christopher Augmon: Christopher Augmon high-end luxury designer handbags are made in New York and reflect the richness of various cultures. His distinctive handbags can be found in boutiques around the United States and online.Top 6 Black-Owned Handbag Brands

Meme Bete

And here’s one more as a bonus:

Meme Bete: Operates from a small home-based workshop in St. Lucia, where each item is handmade with precision, to offer the best quality and finishing. Designer Taribba do Nascimento uses many different types of traditional cloths such as African wax print and madras, and combines them with the finest of leather.Top 6 Black-Owned Handbag Brands

These designer handbags are made by many of the designers for both women and men.

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