Top Clinton Envoy in Angola for Energy Talks

US Secretary of State Hillary Clinton’s top adviser on energy matters is in Angola for a three-day visit.

Mr Carlos Pascual, the State Department’s special envoy and coordinator for International Energy Affairs is at the head of a high-level delegation that will hold bilateral talks with the Angolan government between July 31 and August 3.

Angola is one of America’s top source countries for oil imports although a US embassy press release said the talks would mainly focus on renewable energy.

The group will also visit the northern oil-rich province of Cabinda to assess projects American oil major Chevron is carrying out.

Another American firm, ExxonMobil, also has extensive operations in Angola.

The US delegation is also expected to attend the second US-Angola summit on Energy.

The first meeting in Washington in 2009 followed a continued thaw in relations between the two countries after Angola’s renunciation of Marxist policies.

At the same time, the UN’s Food and Agriculture Organisation director-general Jacques Diouf is also in Angola for a two-day visit.

“We want to check on how Angola is playing its role in promoting agriculture, fighting poverty and eradicating hunger in the continent,” said Mr Diouf on arrival in Luanda.