Tourism Offers Huge Potential Boost For Ethiopia’s Economy

Tourism in Ethiopia
Ethiopia is home to some of Africa’s most ancient and intriguing cultures

AFRICANGLOBE – Ethiopian Economics Professionals Association in its 3rd day 11th International Conference dwelt on a research paper that explains the potential of tourism to Ethiopia’s economic growth. The paper would be input to policy makers and think tanks.

The research entitled: “Economic Growth and Tourism Sector in Ethiopia” explains that Ethiopia hasn’t exploited the tourism sector as much as it can while the sector has considerable potential to propel the countries fast growing economy.

According to the researcher the causes for this are lack of skilled human resource, poor infrastructure, poor financial system and governments failure to attach due attention.

The research encourages the government of Ethiopia to attach due priority, train skilled manpower and continue to expand infrastructure which is happening at unprecedented scale in the country for nearly a decade.

Meanwhile this same conference also discusses a research paper on the state of children in Ethiopia. The research paper says Ethiopia shows remarkable progress in child feeding, child care, child-education and in other cares given to children than countries like Vietnam, India and Peru.

The research has been going on since 1994 Ethiopian calendar and involves 2 thousand children in 20 districts of the country.

The paper indicates child care improves as economies and attitudes of parents grows and it is a big duty for government and other stakeholders to continue to push to improve the living standards of families across the country.


By: Zeryhun Kassa