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Former D.C. Treasurer Launches New Enterprise To Facilitate Black Economic Empowerment


AFRICANGLOBE – Former Treasurer of the District of Columbia Lasana K. Mack announces the launch of a new enterprise dedicated to facilitating financial and economic empowerment for people of African descent locally, nationally and internationally through educational programs and development of a full-service financial institution.

The new enterprise – named APPEAL, Incorporated – is a non-profit association dedicated to sponsoring financial literacy programs and other educational programs addressing historical, cultural and socio-economic issues, and working to develop a full-service credit union for the benefit of its members.

The effort will be publicly launched on Sunday, May 19, at a “Launch Party and Presentation” event at Soul 57 at 1326 Florida Avenue, NE, Washington, DC from 5pm-7:30pm. Live-stream viewing of the event (on-line) will be available for those unable to attend in-person.

Black Economic Empowerment

APPEAL is an acronym for Association of People for Pan-Africanist Economic Advancement thru Leverage, and part of its mission is to facilitate advancement of the concept of “Economic Pan-Africanism”, which essentially means that African/Black people and communities would benefit from effective efforts to invest and leverage our financial and other resources towards the goals of increased financial and economic self-sufficiency, empowerment and prosperity.

Historically, two of the most noteworthy proponents of the concept of Pan-Africanism with an economic focus were Marcus Garvey and Kwame Nkrumah, and APPEAL’s mission follows in that tradition. This includes facilitating education and development projects to improve the socio-economic conditions in African American communities, and also efforts to increase the utilization of Africa’s vast mineral wealth for the benefit of people of African descent at home and abroad.

Mack, the founder and executive director of the newly incorporated enterprise APPEAL, explained that “in order to have significant impacts on these critical issues, it will require a multi-billion dollar financial enterprise, and that is what we intend to build. We are seeking membership and support from the many people who understand the acute need to take this kind of concerted action to improve our socio-economic conditions.”

Renowned historian, author and educator Anthony T. Browder is a member of APPEAL’s Board of Directors and is serving in a leadership capacity for the organization’s educational programs, as “APPEAL recognizes that learning about African people’s rich heritage and culture often encourages productive and progressive actions among those in our community who become enlightened,” Mack said.

For further information about the launching of APPEAL and how to become involved or support the effort, email info@appealinc.org or call (800) 711-7851.

About Lasana K. Mack

Lasana K. Mack was the Treasurer of the District of Columbia (Washington, DC) for seven years (2005-2012), a position comparable to a state treasurer and city treasurer due to DC’s unique municipal status. He successfully managed the finance and treasury functions of DC Government, an entity with a $10 billion annual operating budget and $1 billion annual capital budget, including cash management, banking operations, debt management – including bond issuances to finance infrastructure development, investment management, budgeting and accounting

He has a Master of Business Administration (M.B.A.) degree in Finance, and is also the founder, director and artist with a music ensemble (“BlackNotes”) known for producing progressive and quality music with a dynamic blend of several cultural arts elements emanating from African and African American heritage.


Daraja Asili, APPEAL, Inc.

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