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Did You Know This About Zambia?”


Victoria Falls Zambia
Victoria Falls

AFRICANGLOBE – According to the African Development Bank(AfDB)’s 2013 “African Economic Outlook” report, Zambia‘s GDP has continued to grow steadily since 2011, and the country is expected to continue as the International Monetary Fund(IMF) estimates an increase in economic growth from 6 percent this year to 6.5 percent in 2014.

The changing business environment and thriving agriculture sectors are presenting opportunities for both foreign and local companies to invest in Zambia.

As the country celebrates 49 years of independence from Britain today, we highlight Zambia’s gradual rise in investment. We also reflect on the milestones ahead for the country as it approaches its golden years.

Specifically, the challenge of reducing a poverty level — which currently sits at 60 percent and creating job opportunities for a population with a median age of 16 years old.

Zambia is accelerating development, and in the process hoping to address these issue with funding of education and social services.

Not to go without mentioning, did you know Zambia’s border with Zimbabwe is home to one of Africa’s greatest tourist attractions? Victoria Falls is a 355 foot waterfall, a breathtaking sight and accessible for daredevil travelers living on the edge (literally).

Visitors can take a swim in “devil’s pool,” a naturally-formed pool along the falls edge. Not up for that kind of thrill? You can (safely) watch Youtube clips posted by tourists who have dipped in the pool or discover the unexpected in the city of Lusaka. Either way, travel to Zambia is sure to be a good time.


Watch this Video from a Traveler in Devil’s Pool, Zambia

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