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Zinox Relocates Tech Hub to Nigeria


Zinox Technologies
Zinox Technologies

AFRICANGLOBE – In a bid bolster technological development and address broadband insufficiency in Nigeria, foremost Nigerian tech company, Zinox, has moved its technology hub from overseas to the country with the installation of a brand new state of the art iDirect Internet Evolution Hub.

The technology guarantees redundancy internet access through VSAT and fiber infrastructure using MPLS technology. As a self-organising network with full redundancy the teleport is well backed up with round the clock uninterrupted power and the entire network is installed with N+1 protection which ensures that the hub has spares in case of service failure.

Speaking to research fellows on the last day of their industrial attachment, Zinox Chairman, Leo Stan Ekeh, said; “Our commitment to assist the Nigerian nation to become a world class knowledge driven society inspired us to relocate our hub from overseas to Nigeria with the installation of a brand new state of the art iDirect Internet Evolution Hub.”

Ekeh explained that Zinox made substantial investment in the installation of the hub because of its philosophy that no country can participate and excel in the 21st Century without an IT identity, which acts the role of a digital conscience.

He added that Zinox has deployed the largest number of eLibraries in Africa and powered her New Evolution HUB in Lagos to take control of broadband access to many institutions and cities in Nigeria.

The hub, he said, would bring relief to the academia beginning from April 2013 when Zinox streams e-content to educational institutions at half the present cost.

Zinox plan to reduce the cost to enable schools take advantage of it.

Ekeh said the hub is efficient, scalable, and flexible and will be readily available 99 per cent of the time.

“These centers were being serviced from our Washington location but now we have completed test running  and  have commenced  seamless migration of our corporate Customers from our new Hub  which runs 24 x 7”,” Ekeh said.

“We presently have huge bandwidth resources to meet our customers’ short term and long term needs. Our focus is more on knowledge centers and under-served communities across the country.”

Meanwhile, the technology company is offering additional facilities like Network Operation Centre (NOC) to major corporate sponsors to enable them monitor bandwidth consumption, efficiency and effectiveness of the networks deployed nationwide from the comfort of their offices or homes.

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