Becoming A Black Diamond Distributor In Monavie

Becoming A Black Diamond Distributor In Monavie

This Monavie Review was written to let you know more about this business and what it has in store for the people who are looking into joining up or are already involved with the company. This is a network marketing business and not a scam or some scheme. Use this Review of Monavie to see why is it not a scam and how you can benefit from the business

The Business at a Glance

To begin this company is new to the market. They are less than 6 years in business . The company has had good growth since the start up date of January 2005. The companies flagship product is the Acai Berry Juice. Acai berries and their benefits are also a fairly new concept for the people.The company follows a simular model laid out by it’s compeditor Tahitian Noni International

Acai berry supplements have become quite trendy over the years. Monavie has formulated their own supplement using these berries and are involved with the sales of this supplement through the Network Marketing model they have in place. They have a good number of the individual distributors who sell these supplements and Inform people about the benefits seen through these supplements.

Getting Started

Start up cost is very low for this type of business . The most important part is that if you are financially weak, this can be a great choice for you. This business requires you to shell out a mere $ 42 to begin as an individual Rep and sell their products.

When you make this investment, you are going to receive a kit which will contain quite a few items like DVDs, a welcome letter, etc. Generally, the bet way to sell these products is through Tasting parties at people’s homes and inviting prospects to come and listen to what you have on offer. The very first thing to understand is that you have to get hold of a host who will invite people over.

In this party you will be entertaining the guests with the DVDs and the training sessions on the advantages of acai berry supplements and also telling them how your products can surely benefit them with their health. You need to be very good at communication and sales skills to earn profits with this business.

To earn the real profits, you need to make sure that there are constant sales of the products through you each month. Moreover, if you can introduce two more recruits for the company, then there is a good chance for you to be earning money through this business compensation plan.
Well That is what is told , you will always need more than the minumim in any MLM business to make real money.
Hence, think about your options with this business. Consider whether you can fulfill the requirements stated in this Monavie MLM Review in order to succeed with this business.

In my 6 years of being in the MLM industry, what has and continues to be left out of every presentation is the importance of understanding how you are going to MARKET YOU. When joining Monavie you are not simply joining a company, you are becoming a business owner and that requires a completely different mindset!

You have to figure out how it is that you are going to set YOURSELF apart as a leader in Monavie and market YOU. See, I’ve found that it really doesn’t matter which company you join or for that matter what their product is…it is really about you becoming a true business owner. Figure out how to market, manage people, create cash flow and bring in new distributors on a daily basis is the lifeblood of being in the MLM industry.

One of the greatest ways that I found to learn how to market online using all of these mediums was to learn from those who’d already done it. If you’re new or old to the network marketing game this is a great way for you to be able to get started.
The system I use, created by someone who has made millions in this industry, is truly amazing and you can try it out…it’s really a no brainer. Try it for 28 days and you’ll be amazed at all the value that’s here.