Black Forest Cake – A Perfect Equation of Chocolate and Cake

Black Forest Cake – A Perfect Equation of Chocolate and Cake

There are only a handful people on Earth who do not bear the weakness for cakes and chocolates. Unless a person has an allergy or resists the temptation for health reasons, each individual finds the sinful passion and temptation for dark, rich chocolates and soft tender cakes. Can you imagine the response of people who can access both chocolates and cakes in one shot? The equation of chocolates and cakes in the form of Chocolate Cake has always enjoyed a patronizing position for food lovers, especially with people having a sweet tooth. With so much to say, only be a Black Forest Cake is the perfect example of luscious and scrumptious delight that even the devil can’t resist.

Why is it Famous?

With its dark chocolaty look enveloped in white whipped cream and topped with cherries, a Black Forest Cake steals the show. When this cake is sliced, each portion looks even more tempting, with its brown and white layers and gorgeous red toppings. The cake originated in the German countryside.

This cake derives a distinct cherry pit flavor which it gains from the alcoholic liqueur called Schwarzwälder Kirscw. This liquid is obtained from distilling tart cherries found in the hilly regions of the south-western Germany. The name “Black Forest” thus suggests an idea of the dense forest found in this mountainous region of Germany.

Cake Baking Process

These cakes are prepared using several ingredients like sweet condensed milk, vanilla essence, baking powder, baking soda, cocoa powder, flour, eggs, butter, milk, chocolate, aerated soda, fresh cream, cherry syrup, tinned sour cherries, vegetable oil, cornstarch and powdered sugar. The cake needs 35 minutes in its preparation and 1 hour for it to cook in the oven. When the cake is served with whipped cream frosting and cherry toppings, it posses the capability to add stars to any occasion, formal or informal.

Place to Enjoy It

A Black Forest Cake can be enjoyed at birthday parties as birthday cakes, in wedding reception ceremonies, wedding anniversaries, in formal official and business parties, as well. The extra smooth chocolate cakes with rich vanilla cream loaded with the exotic aroma of dark chocolates will surely win over your heart, the moment you take the first bite.

The light and flavorful cream envelops the inner linings of your mouth, and then as you exert pressure of your teeth on the cake, it slowly releases the chocolate flavor, leaving behind a heavenly experience in your mouth. The sweet and sour taste of cherries compliments the chocolaty taste, and lets you indulge in the luxury and satisfaction of your taste buds. Almonds extract and cherry pie can be used as icing on the cake.

Today, our lifestyle is predominantly marked by busy schedules and shortage of time; and it becomes impossible to bake a Black Forest cake at home. To appease your taste buds and hearts and yet reduce the burden of baking a cake at home, many cake shops online offer small, medium and large sized Black Forest Cake. All you need to do is simply order the cake and wait for it to arrive and then dig in!

A person, who loves both cakes and chocolate, must try the scrumptious Black Forest Cake