Black Horse Fund: Game On for a New Forex Fund

Black Horse Fund: Game On for a New Forex Fund

Many investors in today’s market are confused and understandably upset about the direction of the market. Most investors have seen their retirement funds completely vanish while other investors have inactive money on the sidelines, just waiting for something to happen.

The stock market was the trusted wealth-building source for nearly a century and financial advisors everywhere recommended a “buy and hold” strategy. Unfortunately, buy and hold has been an expensive solution and investors are craving something that will help them potentially regain their lost investment.

Black Horse Fund could be exactly what investors need at this point. Black Horse Fund is a brand new Forex fund whose seasoned team of professional traders buys and sells money in this huge market.

Foreign exchange ” or “Forex” for short ” is the largest market in the world, with over $ 3.2 trillion dollars turning over daily. Small time investors either don’t know about this market, feel less confidant investing here than in equities, or don’t have the capital resources to be successful. But to those who have been successful at investing in this market, the potential is dramatic. Successful investors apply a variety of algorithms and computer platforms to empower their success.

Black Horse Fund has brought together a “dream team” of traders and managers whose sole aim is to start-up and drive this high performing fund. They have created a compelling business model that selects only qualified traders AND qualified investors: This isn’t an “open door” opportunity for investors. A small team of investors means less bureaucracy and a narrower focus on results.

And what kind of results is Black Horse Fund looking for? Growth of capital is of the utmost importance to this team. Their goal is to apply their high-tech algorithm and computer program, as well as their team’s years of experience and knowledge, to generate one profitable trade after another for the small-knit group of investors who have pooled their money. The results they are achieving aren’t possible in the equities, bonds, or mutual funds that most investors have available to them.

Black Horse Fund is accepting applications for limited partners to participate with a minimum buy-in of $ 1,000,000 to its exclusive superfund. Not everyone who applies will be accepted, but those who are accepted will join with other privileged investors to participate in the envied Forex market.

The press and investors are invited to contact David Kaup and his team for more information about a David Kaup or for a membership requirements.

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