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Does Your Business Reside In An Internet Black Spot?

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by FotoGrazio

Does Your Business Reside In An Internet Black Spot?

The Internet, invented by Sir Tim Berners Lee whilst at CERN, has become so widespread it is often difficult to envisage life without it. In fact, the European Union (EU) is considering adding a reliable Internet connection to the Bill of Human Rights.

This move is seen by some as somewhat foolhardy as obtaining a reliable Internet connection even in the 21st century is not particularly straightforward if you happen to live in a rural area or have a business on a technology park for instance.

Such Internet black spots occur for a variety of reasons, namely due to money. Internet service providers (ISP’s) have to pay for their infrastructure to be laid, this includes structural surveys and contracting with local borough councils for roads to be dug up to make way for cables and then resurfaced. Clearly, this comes at huge expense for Internet service providers who will only sign off such expenditure if they can get a return on their investment in the form of households (>1000 homes for instance) signing up to their broadband services for a monthly cost.

Obviously if you live in a rural area, Internet service providers are unwilling to sign off millions of pounds investing in infrastructure to connect a village up to high speed internet for 50 homes of which it could take them 20-50 years to get any return on their infrastructure set up costs.

This situation has resulted in a situation where vast swathes of English countryside and its inhabitants residing in Internet black spots with no access to the high speed Internet enjoyed in the major cities. Internet access is critical to any business, e-commerce is huge moneymaking machine and for a business to be successful, it cannot be ignored. For companies with no access to high speed Internet traditionally supplied by the major ISP’s, there are two options available.

These two options are microwave radio Internet supplied over a fibre backbone or satellite broadband using geo stationary satellites. Choice between the two options is determined by your location, if your business resides in an extremely remote area, satellite high speed broadband is generally the way to go. However, if your business is local to a remote village supplied with microwave radio Internet, piggybacking on this service may be a real possibility.

There are variances in price between the two but both offer high speed broadband, which will take your business out of its Internet black spot and allow your bottom line to increase from selling on the information superhighway. Satellite and microwave radio Internet systems are competitively priced and all equipment is backed by an extensive installation warranty.

If your business has struggled with its Wi-Fi connection then it is time to find the best IT solutions around and increase efficiency in your business.