Cleaning – It’s All Down To The Cloths

Cleaning – It’s All Down To The Cloths

It’s always been a mystery to me why so many people start cleaning businesses. Granted things need cleaning and I really do know that people are often too lazy to do it for themselves but I remain baffled that some people have such an aptitude and, dare I say it, enjoyment of cleaning that they decide to not only do it for employment but to start their own company. Needless to say, it’s something that I hate.

However, while I may not be alone in my distaste for spending time that could otherwise be spent generally loafing around not cleaning, I do appreciate that it’s necessary and that certain things can make the whole process easier. Take, for example, what you’re cleaning with. I don’t mean the kind of product you’re spraying on your hobs, glass counters or sinks. I’m talking about the cloths.

Until recently I’d been doing something I know see as pretty daft – using kitchen roll in the vast majority of my cleaning. While this is no major crime it’s pretty useless to use kitchen roll with a cleaning spray as you’ll end up with bits of kitchen roll over the surface you’ve just cleaned and your bins will be gradually filling with soaked lumps of tissue that could otherwise be used for blowing your nose or mopping up the odd bit of spilt orange juice. Not only that but forking out for kitchen rolls as your rag of choice isn’t exactly the most cost effective approach.

In fact, what you need to ensure a bit less effort is required and a greater finish achieved is using a cloth that’s low in lint or, ideally, lint free. Though I’m not sure such a thing can be really guaranteed. One of the main reasons I got fed up with cleaning is that while things looked sparkly and clean it was frustrating to see bits of what I thought was dust (despite already having dusted, with the windows open) appearing immediately on the surface I’d just wiped. Of course, it wasn’t dust, it was lint. Or, in many cases, bits of kitchen roll.

Making use of a decent, low lint cloth actually makes a huge difference and means that clean surfaces actually stay that way for a bit longer without immediately being blighted by specks of cloth, kitchen roll or lint – what’s referred to as ‘residue fibres’. Not only that but they’re reusable, so a massive plus as it means not having to spend so much on kitchen roll, and able to absorb a lot more in terms of water and other fluids and there’s a lot less friction so the actual wiping is easier – not that it was ever really hard but with the right cloth it’s pretty much effortless.

They do say that having the right tools will make any job easier. In my mind anything that makes cleaning easier is close to a religious epiphany. While there’s a lot of effort and advertising that goes into promoting the right cleaning product for the job it’s important to bear in mind, too, that the right cloth for the job will also make it a whole lot easier and give a better result.

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