Comparing Black Formal Vests, Jacquard Vests, And Marquis Vests

Comparing Black Formal Vests, Jacquard Vests, And Marquis Vests

The hospitality industry is a bustling industry where stylish designs are optimized by friendly customer service and positive attitudes. With this industry comes a lot of working apparel and some of those styles offer certain benefits over the others. One type of popular working apparel for those within the hospitality industry is found when it comes to front of the house work wear. There are black formal vests, jacquard vests, and marquis vests available today for those demanding more. But what do you really get, and what is the difference in these popular additions to the front of the house apparel?

Comparing these popular pieces of work wear starts with understanding that these are generally worn with a matching or contrasting jacket, but these can also be worn solo for an awesome look. The trousers or slacks are generally professional and finish off the ensemble. All three vests whether you prefer the black form vests or the jacquard or the marquis examples, offer you excellence in the workplace and promote a crisp image of the business in questions as well as improves customer recognition.

Let’s take a look at what you will get when you choose black formal vests.

These black formal vests are made of 100% polyester, and these bad boys are completely lined. These will have 4 inside pockets, but no outer pockets. While these are referred to as black formal vests, you will find that these come in a multitude of solid colors for you to choose from. You can add a matching bow tie and pair of trousers for a tuxedo look that is fashionable for high-end restaurants.

Black formal vests are probably the most popular on the market today. These are also priced right being the lower priced of all three garments.

The marquis vests are also amazing designed from 100% polyester. These are fashionable and comfortable as well as being fully lined. These have 4 inside pockets, but unlike the black formal vests, these have 2 outer pockets. The outer pocket has an upper trim that is a solid color while the marquis has a natural marbling type color. However, you do get to choose the appropriate color for your establishment.

Black formal vests are popular, but these are also highly popular because of the coloration and print design. These do tend to be more expensive than the black form vests as well.

The jacquard vests are popular for their design and coloration. These are 100% polyester and heavy in the full lining popular today. There are 4 inside pockets with 2 outer pockets for your convenience. This has an elastic tunnel back that is lined and a separate, solid backing. These are stylish and offer a positive, reputable atmosphere to the establishment. In addition, these look great with a white shirt, tie, and a nice pair of solid slacks.

When it comes to purchasing black formal vests or the jacquard or marquis styles, you have a lot to choose from. The tuxedo look is more popular than ever, but many establishments are turning to the unique and unusual look offered by jacquard and marquis. The Choice is yours!