There Is No Escaping Your Blackness

There Is No Escaping Your Blackness
Black people have no friends, all we have is each other.

AFRICANGLOBE – Living in America, as a Black person, is hard. There is no way around this truth. It is tiring leaving one’s home everyday quietly praying you return because you never know what you may encounter.

Being Black in America may be its own mental condition that includes emotional trauma, anxiety, PTSD, depression, and only God knows what else. Many of the problems we face such as police brutality, or violence in our community is not new. However, social media has changed everything as in everyone can now see what Black people have been speaking about for years.

Now, just about every week we are seeing Black people beaten by police, fighting each other, or simply being harassed while going about regular day to day activities. This is tiring, but more importantly it can make one question why they are here. Believe, me there are some wonderful things about being Black to celebrate.

We add a very dynamic aspect to the culture that is American. Yet, we are left feeling like a step child when in fact we may have more rights to the parental mantel. The pain and anxiety that many Black people face everyday has some considering moving abroad under the idea that it’s easier to be Black in other countries. It’s the idea that being Black in another place has to be better…anything is better than being Black in America.

That position seems to make sense as the race problem Black people face is a part of America’s origin, whereas it’s just a apart of the history of many of the nation’s one might consider. True, slavery was abolished in England, and France well before America. It is also true that many of our people have fled to other nations to get away from the harsh treatment not condition in America. However, this doesn’t mean they don’t have race issues.

It can be argued there is nowhere in this world Black people can go whereby race is not an issue. Even in some African countries you may not have the experience you envision because you’re an American born Black. America has helped spread an image of Black people that is vile, and we are working on reversing that though it’s a slow process. Even if you decided to follow in the foot steps of many Black writers, and entertainers and go to France, at some point you will be reminded that you are Black. This may not occur in the same manner it would in America, but it will happen.

We all know the saying a out the grass being greener on the other side. Please don’t disenchant yourself to believe your skin color is only a major problem in America. The thing is you know the problems in America in a way you can’t speak for other countries. If you’ve never lived there you are assuming it’s better, and that can be dangerous. If you choose to live elsewhere go for it, but don’t do such with the expectation that race matters are non-existent. Do your research on race relations in the country you seek to call home.

There is no escaping blackness in this world. None of us can run from the perception of what it means to be Black in the eyes of the white supremacy even if it is Europe. Unfortunately, this also applies to countries with non-white majorities.

Failing to know and understand that Black people face racism throughout the world is an act of deceiving yourself. It can cause mental trauma, and cost you money. If your heart is set on living abroad consider visiting different countries to get an idea of what it would be like there to be you.


By: Christian Starr